About Me

lexie langan

My name is Lexie Langan and I am so thrilled you’re interested in finding out more about my journey from theatre enthusiast to beauty expert! As a professional beauty consultant, my goal is to help others find both the beauty that already exists within themselves and the confidence they need to look fabulous and feel great.

Whether you’re looking to create a signature style or to perfect a new makeup look, I’m here to guide you along the way. A Theatre and Communications alumnus of the University of Scranton and a former Sephora Consultant, I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to combine my passions as the resident beauty expert on PA Live! Being on this incredible show allows me to share my love of beauty with thousands of viewers in both Northeastern Pennsylvania and around the world!

I hope to inspire you, encourage you, and help you to be the best version of yourself as you travel along your own path of beauty and celebrating self-love.